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  • Interchangable breathing tube to convert all North Air-Purifying Respirators into CF2000 Series supplied air facepieces, including 7700-30, 7600-8, 77BP (half-mask, full-face, and backpack facepieces).
  • Bearing Unit, Approvals TC-13F-172, Escape Duration 5 Minutes
  • The 7600 Series Full Facepiece respirators are designed to provide eye, face and respiratory protection while ensuring optimal comfort and performance. Its dual flange silicone seal gives this facepiece superior fitting characteristics. The hard-coated polycarbonate lens provides over 200 degree field of vision and protects the wearer's eyes and face from irritating gases, vapors and flying particles. The lens provides excellent optics, is scratch resistant and meets ANSI standards for impact and penetration resistance. Comfortable and lightweight design with five strap head harness for effective face seal. Oral nasal cup reduces fogging and lessens dead air space.
  • Rubber Full Face Respirator
  • Carrying Bag for Full Face Respirator
  • The 7700 Series is the most comfortable and durable half mask available. Its soft non-allergenic silicone seal provides excellent protection, comfort and fit. The half mask cradle suspension system allows the facepiece to seal evenly on the face without creating pressure points. Its low profile gives workers a wide field of vision and does not interfere with protective eyewear. The low inhalation and exhalation resistance of the 7700 Series makes breathing easier to reduce worker fatigue
  • Quick connect coupler for connecting air supply hose to hood or facepiece. Compatible with 1/2" inside diameter air hose.
  • 1/2" Male Coupler for Air Hose
  • Peel Away Window, Three Layers, For North Air Purifying Fullface Respirator, PK 15
  • Cartridge Respirator, Color Code Olive, Defender, Package 2
  • Cartridge Respirator, Color Code Olive/Magenta, P100, Defender, Package 2