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3M Peltor Tactical 6-S Communication Headset

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3M Peltor Tactical 6-S Communication Headset


Tactical 6-S Communication Headset.

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This is the 3M PELTOR Tactical 6-S Communication Headset for hearing protection with environmental listening: small, compact and foldable for ease and convenience.

  • A premier hearing protection and communication solution for high noise environments
  • Environmental microphones allow face-to-face conversation and improved situational awareness in quiet and low-to-moderate levels of noise
  • Great for hunters and shooters
  • Foam and liquid-filled cushions provide lasting comfort and an effective acoustic seal for long duration wear times
  • Foldable, adjustable headband provides a comfortable and secure fit, and folds over the earcups for compact storage
  • Features dual volume controls

3M PELTOR Tactical 6-S Headset, Headband model MT15H67FB 01 provides hearing protection with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 20 decibels while also allowing 2 way communication for workers to talk without removing the headset. Separate microphone, receiver, amplifier, and volume control in each earcup gives true stereophonic sound. The earmuffs attenuate (soften or reduce) high level noise to help protect hearing. Impulse Noise attenuation immediately softens sudden loud Noises. The earmuffs can be folded into a compact size that is easy to store or transport. Made with a combination of foam, plastic and metal, the headset is lightweight for comfort that allows all day wear.


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