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Allegro Ambient Air Pump A750

Allegro Ambient Air Pump A750


Fills the need for a very portable air source for one or two respirator users or a single hood user. Works well in a variety of work environments including painting or refinishing booths. For two respirators or one hood.





Portable & lightweight air source for one hood user, or up to two full or half face respirator

users. Solid performance in applications such as painting, cleaning, sanding or chemical

handling operations.




Rigid metal base and housing

Brass and galvanized steel plumbing

Quick-connect Rectus (OBAC) fitting

Adjustable brass pressure relief valve

Steel handle

Powder coated blue



Type: Oil-less, rotary vane

Vanes: Carbon construction (4ea/ replaceable) (2.000” X 1.500” X 0.219’)

Inlet Filter: 50 Micron felt material with metal grid inlet filter housing.

Exhaust Filter: 0.3 Micron HEPA

Pressure Gage: 1½” face, steel housing (0-15 psi.)

Pressure: 2-12 psi. working (15 psi. max)

Performance: 0-10 CFM @ 60 Hz (adjusted via pressure relief valve)

0-8 CFM @ 50 Hz (adjusted via pressure relief valve)

Airline length: 100 feet maximum from pump to respirator (sold separately).

Noise level: At pump: 90 dB

At 6 feet: 74 dB

At 10 feet: 72 dB




HP: 3/4 HP

Certifications: UL Recognized, CSA Certified

Volts: 15V/230V AC, Single Phase

RPM: 1725 RPM @ 60Hz/ 1425 RPM @ 50 Hz

Current Draw: 115V 12A @ 60 Hz/ 12.2 -14A @ 50Htz

Current Draw: 230V 5.9A @ 60 Hz/ 7.1-7.4A @ 50 Hz

Cord: 10’ AWG 16/3 SJ00W 300V with integrated ON/OFF switch.

Plug: Integrated NEMA 5-15


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