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Medium Flat-Free Wheels and Skids

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Medium Flat-Free Wheels and Skids


Medium Flat-Free Wheels and Skids. Microcellular polyurethane “foam” material.  6 x 2 inches, they roll easily over rough and unpacked terrain and provide extra clearance between the fan guard and the ground during transport. These are low maintenance and have a zinc-plated, two-piece steel hub. They can never go flat!



Choose from three wheel options on Ventry Fans (availability varies by model). All three options include a handle that moves straight up and down from the center of the fan. Tip the fan toward you to roll. Pull a release and the handle may be lowered back down out of the way when not needed. It’s nice and long so the fan won’t hit your heels.

Small and Medium wheels come with two powder-coated steel Stair Skids which protect the fan’s guard and allow for easy maneuvering of the fan up and down stairs and over obstacles like curbs. Stair Skids are not necessary with Large Pneumatic Tires.


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