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Code3 2100 Lightbar

Code3 2100 Lightbar

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  • Available in Optix and/or LED X LEDs
  • Solid-state LEDs draw only 0.5 amp per module
  • Easy to install LIT3 mounting platform
  • Powered through a standard 12-volt input. All voltage management handled through the integrated light engine and optics of the Optix and LED X modules.
  • 5-year warranty on LED modules
    • Build-Your-Own Base Models
    • 940 Flasher for Takedowns and Alleys
    • LED or Halogen ArrowStik®
    • Lighted LIT3 Mounting Kit (LED and/or 55W Halogen)
    • Choose from 795H Opticom™ LP, N-3, or Priority Green Emitter
    • Serial Interface (Available 3rd Quarter 09)


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