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K1 Series Mid-Sole Ice Cleat

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K1 Series Mid-Sole Ice Cleat


A new easy-to-use ice cleat that a user can rotate out of the way when not needed. Durable Tungsten Carbide studs. High-vis adjustable strap. One size fits all. Industrial quality.

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The K1 Series Mid-Sole ice cleat is the one-size-fits-all winter traction solution. The ice-penetrating tungsten carbide spikes maximize grip while the rotatable design provides seamless transition when traction is not required.

• Available in Original, Low-Profile, and High-Profile styles to provide near-universal coverage of all footwear

• Strategically placed ice-penetrating tungsten carbide spikes provide maximum traction on ice and snow

• Easy to use design rotates to top of foot to allow driving, climbing, and indoor use

• Black or hi-viz adjustable strap delivers a perfect fit for the K1 Series Mid-Sole regardless of shoe size

• Specially formulated rubber pad provides maximum comfort and durability even in extreme cold weather conditions


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