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North CF2007 Supplied Air Adapter for Facepieces

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North CF2007 Supplied Air Adapter for Facepieces


Interchangable breathing tube to convert all North Air-Purifying Respirators into CF2000 Series supplied air facepieces, including 7700-30, 7600-8, 77BP (half-mask, full-face, and backpack facepieces).


The North CF2007 is extremely versatile due to its compatibility with a wide range of Honeywell half masks and full facepieces, fitting any end user requirement. Together with the Honeywell airline hoses and quick connecting couplers, the CF200 Series offers a very reliable and economic system to provide respiratory protection against most gases, vapors, and particulates for extended periods of time.

Major Components

Belt & Breathing Tube Assembly

The North CF2007 includes a Y-shape breathing tube with a manifold and nylon belt. The breathing tube has two female threaded connectors that screw onto both cartridge connectors of the facepiece (both sides). The manifold has female threads on the bottom to connect to a quick connect coupler (not included in the assembly). The breathing tube has a design to go over the shoulders of the wearer.

Breathing Airline Hose

The CF2007 has approval for use with 25′, 50′, and 100′ AH9000 series airline hoses (for both 1/2″ and 3/8″ I.D. hoses). The use of a hose with the 1/2″ I.D. is preferable when the required air flow must be obtained at a lower pressure, such as when an ambient air pump is used. Hoses with 3/8″ I.D. weigh less for a comparable length and may be the better choice when there is a need for greater mobility.


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