The Showa N-DEX NightHawk is a disposable glove that isĀ  accelerator-free with textured fingertips. It offers the worlds least allergenic disposable nitrile protection. It also features excellent electrostatic properties making it ideal for electronic applications. The Showa N-DEX NightHawk glove with accelerator-free formulation removes the common accelerators found in all disposable nitrile gloves, further reducing the risk of common workplace conditions like Type IV dermatitis. The uncompromising tactile feel and touch that results makes it perfect for workers in automotive, electronic assembly, emergency services, and security environments. These gloves come 50 gloves per box.

  • Black, nitrile gloves disposable
  • 9.5″ in length, 4 mil thickness
  • Accelerator free
  • Powder-free
  • Rolled cuff
  • Textured fingers
  • No latex proteins
  • Excellent abrasion and cut resistance
  • Three times the puncture resistance of latex
  • Excellent resistance to oil, grease and hydrocarbons
  • Resistance to acids, certain organic solvents, pesticides, oils and fuels
  • Heat resistance (no flame resistance)