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SoundOff Pinnacle Lightbar

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SoundOff Pinnacle Lightbar


This Lightbar is custom order only please contact one of our store for options and pricing.

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Pinnacle Series lightbars feature our innovative optics design, Fusion Technology, the first ever optics designed much like a lighthouse to boost the light farther & wider for a bright, safe warning signal. Super powerful Gen3 LED Takedown & Alley lights standard. Available with Low Profile Fixed Mount Brackets or Adjustable Mount Brackets in 4 lengths. The Pinnacle Lightbar is the cutting edge lightbar for Law Enforcement, Security, Fire, Tow/Municipal vehicle fleets or volunteer vehicles. Lightbar has a 5 Year No Hassle Warranty.

Benefits & Features:

  • New! Opticom Preemption Module for Pinnacle Lightbars. The High Priority 795H module has a low profile design & is compatible with all existing Opticom Infrared System equipment. For more than 35 years Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) has been giving emergency vehicles the green light to lower response time, reduce crashes & save lives. The 795H module features highly efficient LED infrared technology with low power consumption. See flyer for more information.
  • High Diode Split Rear Arrow Modules have double the LEDs (12 per module) for a "full" split arrow effect – every diode flashes in a solid warning or amber color.
  • Low Diode Split Arrow option illuminates every other diode each module along the length of the lightbar.
  • Designed with our exclusive Fusion Technology Optics designed much like a lighthouse to boost the light farther & wider for a bright, safe warning signal.
  • Standard with LED Alley & Take Down/Work Lights.
  • Lighbars are built with high bin, super bright Gen3 LEDs for powerful output & consistant color.
    Inboard modules have 6 LEDs (exept high diode split rear arrow modules mentioned above).
    Corner Modules have 12 LEDs.
    Take Down/Work Light modules have 6 LEDs.
    Alley lights feature a high powered, multi-LED chip.
  • Available in Clear or Color Lenses in Blue, Red, Amber or Green (split Arrows are ONLY available in Clear Lens bars).
  • Lightbars are custom ordered to your specifications, please see the EPL9000 Order Form for details.
  • Standard lengths: 36, 42, 48, 54 & 60 inches.
  • Inboard module length is 6.3 inches.
  • 5 Year No Hassle Warranty.

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