The Squids Elastic Hard-Hat Lanyard with Clamp securely tethers hard hats to prevent them from becoming dangerous dropped objects when working at heights. A durable quick-connect clamp makes for easy anchoring to shirts or collars, while high-stretch elastic reduces jarring in the event of a drop.

Compatible with all hard hats, this safety lanyard can be easily connected via the accessory slot or suspension. It can also be used for tethering hand tools or other small gear. Ideal for construction, telecom, oil and gas, power generation, utilities, wind, manufacturing, municipalities and scaffolding.


Thread the open end of the lanyard through the hard hat accessory slot or suspension and back through the clamp, closing tightly for a secure connection. To anchor, attach the clamp end to the worker’s shirt or collar.

For situations where a captive connection point is available, the Squids Elastic Hard-Hat Lanyard with Buckle is ANSI 121-approved for easy and secure attachment to harnesses, safety vests, belts, d-rings, etc.

  • EASILY TETHER ANY HARD HAT – Connects to hard hat accessory slot or suspension to prevent drops
  • QUICK-RELEASE CLAMP – Securely clips to shirts or collars
  • HIGH-STRETCH ELASTIC LANYARD – Reduces jarring on worker in event of a drop
  • VERSATILE – Can also be used to tether hand tools or other gear weighing 2lbs or less
  • LANYARD DIMENSIONS – 18–48in // 46–122cm