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ABUS Electrical Toolbox Kit

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ABUS Electrical Toolbox Kit


ABUS LOTO Safety Toolbox Kit contains all your lockout needs in an easily accessible and portable kit. Kits contains a selection of lockout devices for shutting down equipment before conducting necessary repairs.

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ABUS Electrical Toolbox Kit

  • Unrippable vinyl with matte surface to withstand moisture
  • Recycled plastic, high quality, made in the USA


  • (3) 74/40 Padlocks
  • (3) 1″ Hasps
  • (3) Breaker Lockouts
  • (1) Large Plug Lockout
  • (1) Small Plug Lockout
  • (1) 1″-2.5″ Gate Valve Lockout
  • (10) Tags
  • (10) Ties
  • (1) Lockout Toolbox


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