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ABUS Safety Redbox B835

ABUS Safety Redbox B835




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ABUS Safety Redbox B835 is more than just a group lockout box.

It can be used as a mobile unit or hanging on the wall. This creates a fixed reference point at each facility, which provides greater transparency and security. The necessary machine locks are already stored in the box and thus within easy reach. With the help of the quick-release fastener inside, the box is fastened or released on the wall bracket, so that it’s ready for the next maintenance case. And of course it can be used as a mobile unit.


  • High level of stability in spite of low weight
  • Ergonomic and space-saving fold-away handle
  • Inside is exposed to light from all sides for better visibility of contents
  • Lid features innovative and secure locking mechanism
  • Patented wall bracket, also facilitates storing of padlocks

Operation and use for ABUS Safety Redbox B835:

  • Lockout of large machinery or plants with many different access points and maintenance being carried out by a big number of people


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