The Aero Marshalling Wand is the brightest and most durable wand available for traffic safety and communication. This bright LED wand features a loud (120 dB) SOS alarm and three (3) light modes to capture attention and ensure visibility in any weather or traffic scenario. Clearly visible up to a mile away, you can safely guide your aircraft with these ramp-grade marshalling wands. The wand is powered by three (3) AA batteries, allowing for 400 hours of operation.

The LED traffic control wands are durable, shock-proof, and have tremendous resistance to impact. The wand features a non-slip handle and integrated lanyard. Made of waterproof material and complete with large buttons for easy operation with gloved hands, you can be confident in the superior performance of these wands under the toughest weather conditions.

Each Aero Marshalling Wand includes five (5) red LED lights and one (1) white LED for high visibility in the dark and features reflective film inside to intensify the light output. The wand features steady and flashing light modes – but that’s not all: a third mode activates a white light at the top of the wand, turning it into a flashlight. The SOS alarm button creates 120dB of loud, high pitched noise for enhanced safety. The magnetic base allows for easy and secure placement of the wand. The top of the wand can be of use to break a window if trapped inside a vehicle.

  • Three (3) modes: steady, flashing, and white flashlight
  • Lasts 400 hours on three (3) AA batteries
  • Can be clearly seen from over a mile away (1.6 km)
  • Waterproof
  • Loud SOS safety alarm whistle (measured at 120dB)
  • Magnetic base
  • Five (5) red LED lights
  • One (1) white LED light
  • Non-slip handle
  • Lanyard included
  • Silicon rubber buttons
  • Independent whistle and light buttons
  • Rugged, impact resistant construction
  • Highly reflective film inside enhances visibility
  • Top of the wand can be of use to break glass if trapped in a vehicle