The Streamlight Enduro Pro Headlamp is a low-profile multi-function headlamp with the performance you’ve come to expect from Streamlight headlamps. Three lighting modes to cover a variety of tasks: spot beam for a focused beam, flood for soft area illumination that won’t tire your eyes and red or green LEDs to preserve night vision.

Spot and flood beams with low, medium and high modes:

  • Spot:
    »High: 200 lumens; 2,250 candela; 95m beam; runs 6 hours
    »Medium: 75 lumens; 825 candela; 57m beam; runs 14 hours
    » Low: 25 lumens; 300 candela; 35m beam; runs 38 hours
  • Flood:
    »High: 135 lumens; 210 candela; 29m beam; runs 6 hours
    »Medium: 45 lumens; 80 candela; 18m beam; runs 14 hours
    » Low: 15 lumens; 20 candela; 9m beam; runs 38 hours
  • Red with low and high modes:
    » Low: 0.08 lumens
    »High: 0.37 lumens
  • Green with low and high modes:
    » Low: 0.25 lumens
    »High: 1.25 lumens

Streamlight Enduro Pro remembers last mode used and defaults to low beam when powering on

Tough, polycarbonate thermoplastic construction with elastomer over mold; Unbreakable polycarbonate lenses; recessed to prevent scratches
IPX4 water-resistant; 2m impact resistance tested
3.4 oz (96.38 grams) with alkaline batteries; 3.0 oz (85.04 grams) with lithium batteries