A Globally Harmonized System Center allows for your Safety Data Sheets to be stored in a highly visible location in a single binder. The HAZCOM Right-to-Know rules dictate that employees who handle, transport, store, or work with chemicals must have easy access to Safety Data Sheets at all times.

The right-to-know center is a great way to comply with the standard, putting all your chemical sheets into one location. The SDS Binder is printed with the new GHS Pictograms and allows easy reference for an employee accessing SDS records. The pictograms are printed on the inside of the binder. The budget center helps you comply with the new standards while staying under budget.

Globally Harmonized System Center with Binder Features

  • Bright yellow/red color scheme makes identifying the 1.5″ or 3″ SDS binder easy.
  • Assists in meeting OSHA’s Right-To-Know Standards.
  • Displays SDS requirements and Hazard Pictograms on inside cover.
  • Easy access to important SDS chemical sheets from this GHS compliant binder requirements.
  • Keeps Safety Data Sheets organized for quick reference.
  • Wire rack includes mounting hardware.
  • Right to Know Backboard Included
  • 20″H x 14″W x 4 1/2″D