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No Fog Breath Deflector

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No Fog Breath Deflector


NO-FOG Industrial Masks are engineered to eliminate fogging of eyeglasses, welding helmets, shields, etc. while working in cold climates. Made from mil-spec soft neoprene for all day comfort.

#7F (Large) fits neck size circumference 14″ to 18″ and #7FX (XL) fits 18″ to 20″ respectively.

Made in the USA.

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The No Fog Breath Deflector stops cold weather breath fogging: Of eyeglasses, safety glasses, hard hat shields (visors) & goggles down to -40° wind chill. Made from BCX3 neoprene and micro-fleece. The finest in the world. Plus, the exclusive patented Smart Fit nose seal for all day working comfort. Moisture wicking.

NO-FOG Technical Masks: Perfectly form to your nose, mouth and face creating a soft custom seal that directs all breath down and out keeping your work fog-free! Front +3 deflector size & shape especially made for any type of Cold Weather Work. No need to worry about “exhaust breath valves” freezing shut or any kind of restricted breathing.

Wear with any: Hard hat, hood, face shield, welding helmet, vision equipment, safety glasses, prescription eyeglasses, goggles, etc. And with any Nomex balaclava, hood, cold weather liner or hat in cold weather. Covers ears and chin. Adjustable top head strap for extreme comfort.

The No Fog Breath Deflector mask: Designed for a wide range of cold weather outdoor applications like: Welding, Pipeline, Oil Field, L.P., Mining, Railroad, Building Maintenance, Inspection, Aircraft Service, Construction, Cold Weather Plumbing or Service, Tree Clearing Storm Clean-up, etc.

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