See what’s ahead of you and right in front of your feet with the intrinsically safe, compact Streamlight Dualie 2AA. Its bright light, which shines both ahead of you and downward, helps you avoid slips, trips and falls.

Three output modes for Streamlight Dualie 2AA: Spot, flood, both (spot and flood simultaneously):
– Spot: 115 lumens; 3,100 candela; 111m beam distance; runs 24 hours
– Flood: 115 lumens; 75 candela; 17m beam distance; runs 24 hours
– Simultaneous spot beam and flood beam: 175 lumens; runs 15 hours

Spot beam produces a tight beam with optimum peripheral illumination
Flood beam produces a soft, wide beam to illuminate your work area
Spot and flood beams intersect for an uninterrupted light pattern to eliminate blind spots

One-handed operation of all lighting modes
Rocky stipple texture for a sure grip

IPX4 water-resistant; 2 meter impact resistance tested
Class I, II, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G; Class III; CL I, ZN 0, IIC; Exia; T-Code: T4
6.10” (15.5 cm); 3.9 oz. (111g) with 2 AA alkaline batteries (included)