This is the 3M TR-300-HKL For the healthcare and hospital professional, unseen hazards may be in the air. The all-in-one 3M™ Versaflo™ Healthcare Kit is designed to help protect the healthcare worker from airborne particulates – without compromising comfort or flexibility. Versaflo Healthcare Kits are easy to clean, easy to maintain and easy to work with. The 3M™ Versaflo™ TR-300-HKL is a complete, ready-to-use HE PAPR system with a medium-to-large headcover. • S-133L Headcover • BT-30 Length Adjusting Breathing Tube with BT-922 Breathing Tube Cover • TR-991 Carrying Bag • TR-302N PAPR Unit • TR-327 Easy Clean Belt • TR-332 High Capacity Battery Better patient contact Patients can see their provider’s entire face. S-Series head gear selection available on page 15. Connect quickly Our innovative Quick Release Swivel (QRS) connects quickly and helps avoid kinks in the breathing tube. • TR-341N Battery Charger Kit • TR-3712N HE Filter • TR-3600 Prefilter • TR-970 Airflow Indicator
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This is the 3M TR-600-HKL Get more out of your workday Longer run time, reduced downtime with a high capacity battery and charge-level indicators to keep you prepared and informed. A broader view See more of your work world with this convenient, maintenance-free disposable headcover. Each kit includes: • S-133 Soft Headtop • TR-971 Airflow Indicator • TR-6710N Filter • TR-641N Single Station Battery Charger • TR-653 Cleaning and Storage Kit • TR-991 Carrying Bag • TR-602N PAPR Unit • TR-630 Standard Battery • BT-30 Length Adjusting Breathing Tube • TR-627 Easy Clean Belt • TR-6700FC Filter Cover
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