Give your crew the perfect blend of safety, quality, and long-lasting value with 3M Protecta 100% Stretch Tie-Off Shock Absorbing Lanyards with Snap Hooks, which offer the freedom and peace of mind your workers value when working at height. Our shock-absorbing lanyards feature a lightweight, stretchy design that expands and contracts (6 ft. to 4.5 ft.) as you move, stretching with you as you work so you can go after each task with more comfort and confidence.

Freedom to move, designed to give you the freedom to move wherever the job takes you, our 3M Protecta Stretch 100% Tie-Off Shock Absorbing Lanyards automatically extend and retract as you work, so you can stay focused on your task. The lightweight, stretchy webbing features an inner core that absorbs energy during a fall, while offering enhanced comfort with less bulk on the job.

Cost-effective safety, equipped with self-locking hardware including snap hooks and rebar hooks, our fall protection lanyards combine ease and strength while minimizing the impact on the bottom line. User-friendly metal hooks allow you to open and connect to a safety harness without getting your fingers in the way—even if you’re wearing safety gloves.

Built tough, protecting your workers and elevating their comfort and safety is the number one priority for 3M Fall Protection. That’s why we’ve built safety lanyards with tubular webbing made from extremely durable materials and hardware that resist abrasion and stand up in harsh environments.