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3M Express Pod Plugs Earplugs

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3M Express Pod Plugs Earplugs


Uncorded/Corded: Box of 100 pairs

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3M Express Pod Plugs earplugs feature advanced “no-roll”, slow-recovery foam tips and assorted, paddle-style color grips. Unique grips allow easy fitting and help keep earplug tips clean even when your hands are dirty.

  • Paddle-style grips make fitting easier than ever
  • No-roll design helps keep earplugs and ears clean even if hands are dirty
  • Slow recovery foam inserts easily then seals the ear canal for comfortable hearing protection
  • Assorted Color Grips – Yellow Foam
  • Noise reduction rating (NRR) 25 dB CSA Class AL
  • Reusable Pillow Packs help keep the earplugs clean when not in use.
  • Available with or without cords to suit user preference

The 3M Express Pod Plugs Earplugs feature a “no-roll” design with paddle style grips that provide quick, clean, and consistent fitting of hearing protection. Simply pinch the grip between fingers and push to fit, which keeps the tip going into the ears clean even if hands are somewhat soiled with dirt, oil, grease, or some other contaminant. The unique, slow recovery foam is easy to fit in the ear canal with no roll-down required for a comfortable, noise-blocking seal. Assorted grip colors available. These soft polyurethane foam earplugs have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25 dB and are test compatible with the 3M™ E-A-Rfit™ Validation System.

Not only is noise present in our daily routines and recreational activities, but millions of Americans work in hazardous noise on a daily basis. Estimates from the National Institutes of Health suggest that approximately 15 percent of Americans (26 million people) between the ages of 20 and 69 have high frequency hearing loss due to exposure to noise at work or during leisure activities. Hearing loss due to noise is almost entirely preventable by judicious use of hearing protection. The NRR may overestimate the hearing protection provided during typical use. 3M recommends reducing the NRR by 50% for estimating the amount of noise reduction provided.

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