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  • Pelican Products has introduced the rugged 9410 LED as their most powerful handheld flashlight ever.

  • Carry your lighting with you! Pelican's 9430 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) provides a convenient, simple way for you to bring an intensely powerful lighting system to the scene. The 9430 RALS provides up to 15 hours of burntime with 2 brightness settings, from a maintenance-free L.E.D. array with a 50,000-hour life expectancy. Ideal for Police, Fire Service, Utilities, Industry, Facility Management, and more.

  • The Pelican 9440 RALS sets up in only 10 seconds and has a mast head that extends 7 feet. The super bright 10-LED array provides 2400 lumens in high to light up a large area with a 120 degree beam spread. The Pelican 9440 weighs only 16 pounds and can be easily transported using the included shoulder strap. The internal rechargeable NiMH battery is maintenance free and provides 3 hours of light in high and 6 hours in the low setting. The convenient battery status indicator shows the remaining battery power level.

    • The Mitylite™ is compact, lightweight and equipped with a shirt clip, making it easy to fit into pockets, purses, tool kits, camera bags, or glove compartments
    • Accidental turn on and mechanical switch failure is eliminated because of the rotary on/off switch
    • Water resistant (not for diving applications)

  • Tripod system enables fast, stable scene lighting setup for Pelican RALS (Remote Area Lighting System). Compatible with RALS models 9430 and 9430IR. 2-stage extension aluminmum pole with 3 sturdy legs. Includes extension cord.

  • Get rid of incendiary flares and replace it with the durable, long lasting PowerFlare Safety Light.
  • The Remix is equipped with an asymmetrical single arm bracket, easily accessible battery door enclosure, and large push button switch. Combine these features with a simple & lightweight design and you have a headlamp built to perform in any environment. Whether your requirements call for long distance spotting, or close range area light, the Remix is up to the task with a combination of a single Maxbright LED and 3 Ultrabright LEDs. The end result; true versatility in a compact, water resistant, and self-contained package.

  • When you need maximum illumination with a wide beam to search a large area, the Stinger DS LED HL rechargeable, high lumen flashlight provides a blast of 640 lumens with 297 meters of beam distance.

  • The HL® Series has gone hands free! When your task requires both hands and a bright light with a wide, flood beam, reach for the ProTac HL Headlamp. It produces 540 lumens of light that reaches 172 meters.
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    Strion LED

    C4 LED Technology. Ultra-Compact and Ultra Brite. Comes with AC/12V DC Charger.
  • Vantage

    The Solution to Firefighter's Hands-Free Lighting Needs. Compact, Powerful, Shock-Proof and Virtuall Indestructible.
  • Pistol Grip spotlight features 3 modes: High, low, strobe C4r LED